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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Sa'd Boy Arabic Good luck Sa'
2 Sa'ood Boy Arabic Fortunate, pious, auspicious, prosperous Sa'
3 Saabir Boy Arabic Patient
4 Saad Boy Arabic Good luck
5 Saahir Boy Arabic Wakeful
6 Saajid Boy Arabic One who worships god
7 Saalih Boy Arabic Good; righteous
8 Saalim Boy Arabic Safe, sound, perfect, complete
9 Saariyah Boy Arabic Clouds at night
10 Sabeeh Boy Arabic Beautiful
11 Sabih, sabeeh Boy Arabic Beautiful Sabih,
12 Sabiq Boy Arabic Another name for god; primary; first; former
13 Sabir, sabeer Boy Arabic Patient Sabir,
14 Sabr Boy Arabic Patience, endurance, submission, suffering
15 Sabîh Boy Arabic Beautiful Sabî
16 Sabîr Boy Arabic Patient, one who endures hardships without complaint Sabî
17 Sadaqat Boy Arabic Na
18 Saddam Boy Arabic Crusher
19 Sadeeq Boy Arabic Trustworthy
20 Sadegh Boy Arabic Sincere
21 Sadik Boy Arabic Truthful, veracious
22 Sadiq Boy Arabic True, sincere, faithful, veracious; a man of his word
23 Sadra, sadri Boy Arabic Chief seat, judge Sadra,
24 Saeed, said Boy Arabic Happy Saeed,
25 Safiy Boy Arabic Best friend
26 Safiyy Boy Arabic Best friend
27 Safiyyullah Boy Arabic The choice of allah swt
28 Safwan Boy Arabic Old arabic name (rocks)
29 Safwat Boy Arabic Supreme; good friend; purity; choicest part
30 Sahel Boy Arabic One who shows way/path
31 Sahil Boy Arabic River bank; shore
32 Sahir Boy Arabic Friend , wakeful
33 Sahl Boy Arabic Companion of prophet muhammad, smooth, simple
34 Said, sa'eed Boy Arabic Fortunate, auspicious, venerable, dignified, name of a sahaabi Said, sa'
35 Saif Boy Arabic Sword
36 Sajid Boy Arabic One who worships god
37 Salah Boy Arabic Righteousness
38 Salah al din Boy Arabic Righteousness of the faith Salah al
39 Salah udeen Boy Arabic The righteousness of the faith Salah
40 Salam Boy Arabic Salutation, peace, safety, compliment
41 Salar Boy Arabic Leader
42 Salarjung Boy Arabic Army leader in war
43 Saleem Boy Arabic Safe
44 Saleh, salih Boy Arabic Good, right Saleh,
45 Salem Boy Arabic Safe
46 Salih Boy Arabic Good, righteous
47 Salim Boy Arabic Peace
48 Salim, saleem Boy Arabic Safe, whole, flawless Salim,
49 Salman Boy Arabic Safe
50 Samad Boy Arabic One of ninety-nine names of god; immortal
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