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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 A'dab Girl Arabic Hope and need Book A'
2 A'idah, aida Girl Arabic Visiting, returning, reward Book A'idah,
3 A'inah Girl Arabic Mirror Book A'
4 A'ishah, aisha, ayishah Girl Arabic Living, prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet pbuh Book A'ishah, aisha,
5 Aadab Girl Arabic Hope and need Book
6 Aalia Girl Arabic Exalted; highest social standing Book
7 Aamaal Girl Arabic Hopes; aspirations Book
8 Aasmaa Girl Arabic Excellent; precious Book
9 Abda Girl Arabic Slave girl, a black slave girl Book
10 Abeer Girl Arabic Fragrance Book
11 Abia Girl Arabic Great Book
12 Abida Girl Arabic Worshipper Book
13 Abir, abeer Girl Arabic Fragrance Book Abir,
14 Ablaa Girl Arabic Perfectly formed Book
15 Ablah, abla Girl Arabic Perfectly formed Book Ablah,
16 Abru Girl Arabic Honor, fame, good name,dignity Book
17 Adara Girl Arabic Chaste one Book
18 Adeela Girl Arabic Equal Book
19 Adena Girl Arabic Noble, adorned Book
20 Adiba Girl Arabic Cultured, polite Book
21 Adila, adilah, adeela Girl Arabic Equal, one who deals justly Book Adila, adilah,
22 Adira Girl Arabic Mighty, strong Book
23 Adiva Girl Arabic Pleasant, gentle Book
24 Afaf Girl Arabic Chastity Book
25 Afifah Girl Arabic Another name for hazrat fatimah zahra Book
26 Afraa Girl Arabic White Book
27 Afrah Girl Arabic Happiness Book
28 Afsanah Girl Arabic Tale, legend, fiction Book
29 Afsar Girl Arabic Crown Book
30 Afshan Girl Arabic To sprinkle Book
31 Afsoon Girl Arabic Charm, spell, bewitchment Book
32 Aghigh Girl Arabic Name of a stone Book
33 Ahd Girl Arabic Pledge; knowledge Book
34 Ahlam Girl Arabic Witty; one who has pleasant dreams Book
35 Ahou,ahoo Girl Arabic Deer Book Ahou,
36 Aidah, aida Girl Arabic Visiting, returning; reward Book Aidah,
37 Aini Girl Arabic Spring, flower, source, choice Book
38 Aisha Girl Arabic Life Book
39 Aishah Girl Arabic Lucky; flourishing Book
40 Aishah, aisha, ayishah Girl Arabic Prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet (pbuh) Book Aishah, aisha,
41 Akhtar Girl Arabic Star; also name of a flower Book
42 Akilah Girl Arabic Intelligent, logical, one who reasons Book
43 Alalah Girl Arabic A flower Book
44 Alhena Girl Arabic A ring; a star in the constellation gemini Book
45 Ali Girl Arabic Noble, sublime Book
46 Alihat Girl Arabic Idol; goddess Book
47 Alima Girl Arabic Strong Book
48 Alimah Girl Arabic Skilled in music or dance Book
49 Aliyyah, aliah, a'lia Girl Arabic Exaulted, noble, highest social standing Book Aliyyah, aliah, a'
50 Aliyyah, aliah, alia Girl Arabic Exaulted, noble, highest social standing Book Aliyyah, aliah,
Page 1 of 22, Showing 50 of 1077 Records