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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Baalaaditya Boy Bengali Risen sun
2 Babu Boy Bengali A pet name
3 Babul Boy Bengali Father,tree
4 Bachaspati Boy Bengali Wise person
5 Badal Boy Bengali Cloud
6 Badri Boy Bengali Lord vishnu
7 Badri narayanan Boy Bengali Lord vishnu Badri
8 Badrinath Boy Bengali Lord of mount badri
9 Badriprasad Boy Bengali Gift of badri
10 Bakul Boy Bengali Flower
11 Balai Boy Bengali Nick name
12 Ballav Boy Bengali Beloved
13 Balmiki Boy Bengali Prophet
14 Banaful Boy Bengali Wild flower
15 Banke bihari Boy Bengali Name of krishna Banke
16 Bankim Boy Bengali Curved
17 Bankimchandra Boy Bengali Crescent moon
18 Banshi Boy Bengali Flute
19 Banshidhar Boy Bengali Lord krishna
20 Barendra Boy Bengali Entient citi(gaur)
21 Barun Boy Bengali Lord of the sea
22 Basant Boy Bengali Season of spring
23 Basanta Boy Bengali Spring
24 Basav Boy Bengali Lord of bulls
25 Baskar Boy Bengali Very knowledge and skill this person
26 Basu Boy Bengali Name of lord surya
27 Basudeb Boy Bengali Father of krishna
28 Bhajan Boy Bengali Adoration
29 Bhanu Boy Bengali The sun
30 Bharat Boy Bengali Candidate; india; universal monarch; son of shakuntala
31 Bhaskar Boy Bengali Sun
32 Bhaswar Boy Bengali Shining
33 Bhola Boy Bengali Innocent; polite
34 Bhoopati Boy Bengali Lord of earth
35 Bhoopendra Boy Bengali King of the earth
36 Bhooshan Boy Bengali Ornament, decoration
37 Bhramar Boy Bengali Black bee
38 Bhuvan Boy Bengali Palace, one of the three worlds
39 Bhuvanesh Boy Bengali Lord of the worlds
40 Bhuvaneshwar Boy Bengali Lord of the world
41 Bhuvanpati Boy Bengali God of the gods
42 Bibek Boy Bengali Conscience
43 Bibhas Boy Bengali A raga
44 Bibhavasu Boy Bengali The sun, fire
45 Bibhishan Boy Bengali Brother of lankeshwar rawan & kumbhakarna
46 Bibin Boy Bengali Like to think
47 Biboswan Boy Bengali Sun god
48 Bibrata Boy Bengali Syuckdumb
49 Bidhan Boy Bengali Rules & regulation
50 Bidhu Boy Bengali Moon
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