Greek girl Names Starting With Letter P

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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Pallas Girl Greek Understanding
2 Pam Girl Greek Honey
3 Pamela Girl Greek Honey
4 Pamelia Girl Greek Covered with honey
5 Pandora Girl Greek Gifted
6 Panthea Girl Greek Of all gods
7 Parrish Girl Greek Neighborhood
8 Pat Girl Greek Of noble descent
9 Patia Girl Greek Intellectually superior
10 Pax Girl Greek Peace
11 Pearly Girl Greek A jewel
12 Peggy Girl Greek Form of margaret
13 Pelagia Girl Greek Sea
14 Penelope Girl Greek Dream weaver
15 Penney Girl Greek Silent worker
16 Pennie Girl Greek Silent worker
17 Penny Girl Greek Silent worker
18 Peony Girl Greek Physician of the gods
19 Peri Girl Greek Lives in the mountains
20 Persephone Girl Greek Daughter of demetra
21 Petra Girl Greek Small rock
22 Phaedra Girl Greek Glowing
23 Phila Girl Greek Love
24 Philana Girl Greek Lover of mankind
25 Philantha Girl Greek Lover of flowers
26 Philena Girl Greek Lover of mankind
27 Philippa Girl Greek Loving - fem. of phillip
28 Phillipa Girl Greek Lover of horses
29 Philomena Girl Greek Loving
30 Philyra Girl Greek To love music
31 Phoebe Girl Greek Bright, shining one
32 Phoenix Girl Greek Rising bird
33 Phylicia Girl Greek Fortunate
34 Phyliss Girl Greek Green leaf
35 Phyllis Girl Greek Green leaf
36 Pirro Girl Greek Red-haired
37 Pomona Girl Greek Apple
38 Psyche Girl Greek The soul
39 Pyralis Girl Greek Of fire
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