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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Ga!l Boy Irish Rooster Ga!
2 Gadhra Boy Irish Mastiff
3 Gael Boy Irish Stranger
4 Gaffney Boy Irish Calf
5 Gaige Boy Irish
6 Gaile Boy Irish Stranger
7 Gairbith Boy Irish Rough peace
8 Gale Boy Irish A stranger
9 Gale Boy Irish Stranger
10 Gallagher Boy Irish Eager helper
11 Gallagher Boy Irish Surname.
12 Galvin Boy Irish Sparrow
13 Galvin Boy Irish Sparrow.
14 Gannon Boy Irish Fair skinned
15 Gannon Boy Irish Fair.
16 Gara Boy Irish Mastiff
17 Garbhan Boy Irish Rough
18 Garran Boy Irish Shrubery
19 Garran Boy Irish Guards: guardian.
20 Garret Boy Irish To watch
21 Garrett Boy Irish To watch
22 Garrity Boy Irish Surname.
23 Garvan Boy Irish Rough
24 Garve Boy Irish Rough: rugged.
25 Garvey Boy Irish Peace
26 Garvey Boy Irish Rough peace
27 Garvin Boy Irish Rough: rugged.
28 Gearoid Boy Irish Spearbrave
29 Geraghty Boy Irish From the court
30 Geralt Boy Irish Fanner
31 Gikhrist Boy Irish Serves Christ
32 Gil Boy Irish Serves Christ
33 Gilbride Boy Irish Serves Saint Bridget
34 Gildea Boy Irish Golden
35 Gilibeirt Boy Irish Pledge
36 Gillespie Boy Irish Servant of the bishop
37 Gilley Boy Irish Serves Christ
38 Gilmore Boy Irish Servant of mary
39 Gilvarry Boy Irish Serves Christ
40 Giolla Chriost Boy Irish Serves Christ Giolla
41 Giollabrighde Boy Irish Serves Saint Bridget
42 Giollabuidhe Boy Irish Blond
43 Giolladhe Boy Irish Golden
44 Glaleanna Boy Irish Dwells in the glen
45 Glen Boy Irish A secluded, woody valley
46 Glenn Boy Irish Derives from glen
47 Godfrey Boy Irish Peace from God
48 Gofraidh Boy Irish Peace from God
49 Gogarty Boy Irish Banished
50 Golligan Boy Irish Surname.
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