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S.No.NameGenderOriginMeaningFree Domain Name
1 Kaam Boy Sikh Effort, work, sexual desire
2 Kabhoo Boy Sikh Never
3 Kahn Boy Sikh Lord krishna
4 Kalbir Boy Sikh Na
5 Kalwindar Boy Sikh Na
6 Kalyan Boy Sikh Mercy
7 Kamalpal Boy Sikh Protector of the flower lotus
8 Kamalvir Boy Sikh Brave lotus
9 Kanvar Boy Sikh Young prince
10 Kanwal Boy Sikh Detached & unsoiled like the lotus flower
11 Karaj Boy Sikh Loan
12 Karampal Boy Sikh The keeper of god's grace
13 Karan Boy Sikh The first ray of sunlight
14 Karnail Boy Sikh Na
15 Kartar Boy Sikh Creative like god
16 Kashmir Boy Sikh Name of velly
17 Kavan Boy Sikh Who
18 Kavi Boy Sikh Poet
19 Kawal Boy Sikh Na
20 Kewal Boy Sikh Only
21 Kewal Boy Sikh Only
22 Khahish Boy Sikh Heart's desire
23 Khalakveer Boy Sikh As in mata khivi
24 Khalsa Boy Sikh The pure one
25 Khushpreet Boy Sikh Loving and delightful
26 Khushwant Boy Sikh A life filled with happiness
27 Kirpal Boy Sikh Kind
28 Kirpan Boy Sikh Sword kind of knife
29 Kishan Boy Sikh Name of sri krishna
30 Kiv Boy Sikh How
31 Kul Boy Sikh Family, pedigree, relative
32 Kulbir Boy Sikh Head of the family
33 Kuldeep Boy Sikh The lamp of the family
34 Kuldev Boy Sikh The god-like person of the family
35 Kuldip Boy Sikh The enlightened one in the family
36 Kulvir Boy Sikh Brave of the family
37 Kulwant Boy Sikh The vessel of purity and righteousness of the spiritual family
38 Kundan Boy Sikh Pure
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